Claims FAQ's

Claims FAQ’s

Q: I have comprehensive insurance but I was hit by an uninsured vehicle. Should I contact the MIBI?

A: In this case you don’t need to contact the MIBI. You can contact your insurer and your no claim’s bonus won’t be impacted. This is covered by the agreement the MIBI has with insurers called the ‘No Claims Discount Protocol’. See more in the video below.



Q: An uninsured vehicle hit and damaged my house. Thankfully I have home insurance. Should I contact the MIBI?

A: In a situation like this you should contact your home insurance provider. Once your insurer has covered the claim, you can then contact the MIBI and we will refund any policy excess. It should be noted this may affect your no claims’ discount.  See more in the video below.



Q: My vehicle was involved in an accident abroad, can I check with the MIBI if the other vehicle involved is insured?

A: Yes. The MIBI acts as the information centre for Ireland, meaning we can help with these type of queries.

Anyone seeking this information needs to provide:

  • The date of the accident
  • The registration number of the alleged offending vehicle
  • The country where the accident took place
  • Your contact details

See more in the video below.