Customer Charter

Customer Charter

At MIBI, our vision is simple and straightforward, to protect the interests of the victims of uninsured drivers

      1. This approach is underlined by our Mission, to fairly and promptly compensate victims of uninsured and untraced driving
      2. In order to fulfil this commitment, we place the customer experience at the heart of everything we do, by demonstrating understanding, fairness, and professionalism

This is why we’ve created the MIBI Customer Charter

What it is

This is MIBI’s promise to you, setting out what you should expect from us. It explains the standards we strive for, and how we’ll listen and put things right if, on occasion, we need to do better

As customers are at the heart of everything we do, you can rely on us to be always fair with you;

Making it easy for you to contact us for help, keeping you informed and engaged

Whatever way you choose to contact us, you’ll always receive the same high level of service

      • By Phone
        1. We’ll answer your call as promptly as possible – our aim is to answer 95% all calls within 20 seconds
        2. If we can’t take your call, we aim to call you back within 1 business day
        3. We’ll identify ourselves, and our area of work
        4. We’ll listen carefully, identify your needs and requirements, and clarify these with you
        5. We’ll always be courteous and professional, and show empathy
        6. We’ll be realistic about what we can do and in what timeframes
        7. If we cannot deal with your query immediately, we’ll take your details and call you back at a time which suits you
      • Via MIBI Website
        1. For Information Centre Enquiries, we’ll reply within 3 working days
        2. For Online Claims Notifications, we’ll let you know we’ve received your Claim immediately
      • Via Email & Written Correspondence
        1. We’ll write to you in clear and concise language
        2. We’ll acknowledge your correspondence, and where possible, provide an expected completion date for the response

Fair and Prompt Claims Process

We understand that being involved in an accident with an Uninsured, or Untraced Vehicle is a difficult and stressful experience. Therefore, we strive to compensate you fairly and promptly in a transparent manner by:

      1. We’ll actively engage with you, or your representative
      2. We’ll Keep you informed throughout the Claims process
      3. Once compensation is agreed, we will pay you within 10 working days

Measuring and Improving the Quality of our Service

As we strive to provide a great customer experience, we encourage you to provide feedback. Whether you have a request for action, a compliment, or a complaint, we’d like to hear from you.

Customer Satisfaction is measured across our feedback and customer service interactions:

      1. Obtaining feedback from you using the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website
      2. Responses to our Customer Services Surveys
      3. Ongoing training and coaching activities for our Colleagues
      4. Customer Feedback and Complaints process

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