Wednesday, 31 August 2022


The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) has been awarded further recognition for their efforts to promote Diversity and Inclusion after they secured the Diversity Silver Accreditation from the Irish Centre for Diversity.

In line with this accreditation, the MIBI aims to create a collaborative environment that embraces equality, inclusion and diversity.

This latest award represents further progress for the MIBI, who originally received the Bronze Accreditation a year ago.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion has been a key focus of the MIBI’s internal strategy as they make significant efforts to develop their people.

This has included the establishment of an MIBI Diversity & Inclusion Committee, as well as the provision of a masterclass, various presentations, surveys and events, as well as the implementation of enhanced policies directed towards diversity and inclusion.

Speaking about the accreditation, David Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of the MIBI said, “We are very proud to have secured this award from the Irish Centre for Diversity. What has been clear to us from the outset is how important it is to foster a workplace that embraces and promotes the values of diversity and inclusion. This is something that really matters to our team and that matters to the entire MIBI.

“We couldn’t have reached this point without the commitment made by every member of the MIBI staff. This has been a team effort, something everyone in the MIBI has been working towards for quite some time.

“That is especially true of everyone on our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, who have driven and co-ordinated all our activity and managed our engagement with the Irish Centre for Diversity.”

“Of course as we have learned through our engagements with the centre, the momentum must not be lost. While the silver accreditation is a fantastic acknowledgement of the activity already completed, we hope to see even further strides taken as we build on all the tremendous progress made to date. We are committed to continuing to make further progress in this area and to further reinforcing these values into the corporate culture of the MIBI,” he added.