MIBI has launched a new Customer Charter

MIBI Launches New Customer Charter

At MIBI we value the importance of a positive customer experience. Our vision is simple and straightforward – to protect the interests of the victims of uninsured drivers.

This approach is underlined by our Mission, to fairly and promptly compensate victims of uninsured and untraced driving. To fulfil this commitment, we place the customer experience at the heart of everything we do, by demonstrating understanding, fairness, and professionalism.

This is why we’ve introduced the MIBI Customer Charter. Our customer charter details the standards we aim to provide our customers.

MIBI CEO, David Fitzgerald, said of the charter: “We always aim to deliver a service that is of the highest quality. Our charter reaffirms this commitment and sets out the level of service that you can expect from MIBI. I’d like to encourage all our customers to look at the MIBI’s Customer Charter.

“MIBI has been in operation for nearly 60 years and in that time has paid out over €2 Billion, in today’s values, in compensation to the victims of uninsured vehicles, and we are proud of the service we provide. We also recognise that that being involved in an accident with an uninsured, or untraced vehicle is a difficult and stressful experience, and we are keen to receive feedback about the service we provide.

“If you do not feel we’re living up to the promises we’ve made here, we want to hear from you so that we can make it right.”

Click here to view MIBI Customer Charter