Friday, 28 October 2022

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) has launched a new online claims form.

This easy to use online service will simply bring claimants and their representatives through the process of filing a claim, potentially reducing the time involved from a matter of weeks to minutes.

Under this new approach, the claimant can simply submit their claim under the ‘Making a Claim’ section at www.mibi.ie

Solicitors and representatives will also be able to submit claims through this mechanism, once they have received the relevant authority from the claimant.

The new platform is simple, secure, accessible and inclusive. The form looks to place the claimant at the centre of the process, by supporting and guiding them through their submission.

The online form is also dynamic, meaning that only the sections applicable to the type of claim need to be completed. For example, if personal injury alone is selected, then information relevant for assessment of personal injury claims will only need to be provided.

The MIBI describes the overall benefits of the new system as follows:

•    Simply, it’s the quickest way to notify and start the claims process. It’s faster and more efficient compared to paperwork.
•    You can complete the claim form on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
•    You’ll receive a direct confirmation that your claim has been received, eliminating the chance of your claim being lost in the post.
•    It uses ‘smart’ functionality that’s intuitive and user friendly, removing the necessity to input repetitive information.
•    The claimant can immediately upload any supporting documentation such as photos, invoices or letters.
•    Safe and secure forms are used to ensure the claimant’s data is kept private and encrypted.

The new process will also help eliminate the need for paper claims to be submitted, which previously may have taken weeks as the various forms were sent back and forth through the post. Paper claims will still be available should any claimant require them but the MIBI will be encouraging the use of this new mechanism wherever possible.

Customers will still be able to contact the MIBI for support if have difficulties in accessing or using the online claims service.

Speaking about the new process, David Fitzgerald, CEO of the MIBI said, “One of the key objectives of the MIBI is to fairly and promptly compensate the victims of uninsured and untraced road traffic accidents. We also seek to do that while maintaining excellent standards in customer service. This new online claim form helps us meet those goals, by making life easier for claimants and their representatives. It will reduce the time and paperwork involved and facilitate those claimants as they begin the compensation process,” he concluded.

The new claims form can be access via the homepage of the MIBI website by going to ‘Making a Claim’ on www.mibi.ie