Setanta Insurance Company (in Liquidation) FAQ

Setanta Insurance Company (in Liquidation) third party claims:

On Thursday 25 May 2017 the Supreme Court delivered its Judgment in the matter of The Law Society of Ireland v Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI). The Court allowed MIBI’s appeal and held MIBI is not liable to compensate third party claimants who have made claims against Setanta Insurance (in Liquidation) policyholders. 

What happens now? Claimants:

If you are a claimant and you have appointed a Solicitor to act on your behalf we suggest you contact your Solicitor.   Alternatively you may wish to contact the Liquidator on 0818 255 255 or by email

What happens now? Claimants’ Solicitors:

If you are a Solicitor acting on behalf of a claimant we suggest you contact the Solicitor nominated by Setanta Insurance who are acting on their behalf. Alternatively you may wish to contact the Liquidator on 0818 255 255 by email

What happens now? Former Setanta Insurance (in Liquidation) policyholders:

If you are a former Setanta Insurance Company (in Liquidation) policyholder and are making an own damage claim for damage to your vehicle under your comprehensive policy please contact Setanta Insurance (i.e. the Liquidator) on 0818 255 255 or by email  Similarly if you are a former Setanta Insurance Company (in Liquidation) policyholder and have a question on your policy premium please contact Setanta Insurance. Link to Setanta Insurance (in Liquidation) website:

Who will fund the cost of the claims?

As the Supreme Court has held the MIBI is not liable claims will be paid from the Insurance Compensation Fund.  For more information see

Will MIBI be liable for future insolvencies?

It is important, now that the Supreme Court has given its judgment, that the Government fulfils their commitment to introduce legislation, without delay, to clarify the role of the MIBI and the role of the Insurance Compensation Fund.  In addition MIBI will work with the Minister for Transport to update the MIBI Agreement, 2009 and the MIBI Constitution to remove any uncertainty as to MIBI’s role in instances of motor insurance insolvency.  We were not in a position to commence such talks until the litigation was complete.    

Disclaimer: This information does not purport to be a legal interpretation of the Judgment.  Those impacted by the Judgment should seek legal advice where appropriate.