Compensation Body

Please read the full text below before completing the claim notification form.

Arising from the implementation, in Ireland, in 2003, of the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive MIBI was designated as Compensation Body by the Minister for Transport. 

Compensation Body claims arise in instances where the Irish victim has been involved in an accident in an EU Member State, other than Ireland, where:

  1. MIICI has been unable to ascertain the identity of the insurer of the alleged offending vehicle, or
  2. The alleged offending vehicle remains unidentified or
  3. Either the insurer, or its Claims Representative in Ireland, fails to comply with their statutory obligations.

Should you wish to download and print the Claim Notification Form please click here. The Claim Notification Form should be fully completed and returned to us either by email or registered post.

Any relevant documentation relating to the incident or the alleged offending vehicle should be retained. Time-limits for notification of personal injury and property damage claims under the Compensation Body are in line with provisions of the Guarantee Fund Agreement of the country where the accident occurred.


What happens next?

On receipt of a fully completed MIBI Claim Notification Form we will acknowledge receipt and commence our investigations. Our investigations will include:

  1. Establishing the facts
  2. Seeking confirmation from the relevant Compensation Body that we may handle the claim on their behalf
  3. Ascertaining the Road Traffic Accident law in the country of accident
  4. If applicable, obtaining a Motor Assessor’s Report on the damage to the vehicle.
  5. If applicable, obtaining copies of medical records.

When all requisite information is provided and verification of the circumstances of the accident is complete MIBI will pass the claim to one of our Claims Management Service Providers to continue and complete the investigation.  In due course, following thorough investigation of the circumstances and liability, the claim will be settled by our Claims Management Service Provider and compensation paid as appropriate.

Covid 19

Given the ever-changing situation in relation to the Covid-19 virus and in keeping with HSE guidelines and the Government pronouncements designed to delay the spread of the virus throughout the community, the MIBI have closed our office to all visitors until further notice.

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