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The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) has advised all motorists expecting to drive in Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK in the days immediately after Brexit they still have time to get their Green Cards. Policyholders who may be impacted and have not already received a Green Card are encouraged to contact their insurance providers this week to ensure they receive their documentation before the updated Brexit date of 12th April. 

Those who will not need to drive in Northern Ireland or other parts of the UK instantly after Brexit are advised to contact their insurance provider one month in advance of their journey.

Green Cards are internationally recognised insurance documents which provide proof of insurance cover to law enforcement agencies. It is a hard copy document which is printed on green paper or with a green background. If there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit then any motorist who plans on driving their Irish registered vehicle in Northern Ireland or the UK is advised to ensure they have a Green Card or they could possibly be subjected to the penalties for driving uninsured after that date. 

Different means for distributing Green Cards have been adopted by the various insurance providers. Some are issuing Green Cards to all their policyholders, some are issuing Green Cards to policyholders in select areas (particularly Border counties) and some are issuing Green Cards to policyholders upon request.

Policyholders who have not received any communication from their insurance provider on this matter and expect to need a Green Card immediately after Brexit should contact their provider this week.  Any motor insurance policyholder who has taken their insurance out with an insurance company should contact that company, while if they receive their policy via an insurance broker they should contact the broker.  

Since the beginning of March all insurance providers are required to process any requests they receive for Green Cards from their policyholders. This is the industry agreed procedure.  Many insurance providers also have details on their websites about their application process as well as additional information about Green Cards. 

If a deal is reached between the UK and the EU then Green Cards will not be required. Should Brexit be further delayed then the requirement for Green Cards will also be pushed back to a later date.

"There is still time to get a Green Card ahead of Brexit,” said David Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of the MIBI. “We would encourage anyone who needs one to contact their insurance provider this week – if they have not already done so or if they have yet to receive a communication from their insurer on this matter. 

"If there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit then Green Cards will be required under UK and European law. Anyone who may need to drive in Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK in the days following Brexit should not take a chance, they should apply for one now.

"Those who will not be driving in Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK immediately after Brexit have more time to apply, they should contact their insurance provider one month before they travel.

"We still hope that a deal will be reached between the UK and the EU, removing the need for Green Cards. However given the continued uncertainty we would encourage anyone who expects to potentially need a Green Card to apply now,” Mr. Fitzgerald concluded.

The MIBI acts as Green Card Bureau in the Republic of Ireland. So far they have distributed one million blank Green Cards to insurance companies, as well as electronic application templates for those insurance providers who plan on completing the documentation digitally.

The MIBI is a not for profit organisation that was established to compensate victims of road traffic accidents caused by uninsured and unidentified vehicles.  

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