Uninsured & Unidentified Vehicles

Please read the full text below before completing the claim notification form.


MIBI compensates victims who have been involved in a road traffic accident caused by uninsured or unidentified vehicles. If you wish to notify us of a claim please download and print the Claim Notification Form by clicking here. The Claim Notification Form should be fully completed and returned to us either by email or registered post. Any relevant documentation relating to the incident or the alleged offending vehicle should be retained. Time-limits for notification of personal injury and property damage claims under the MIBI Agreement 2009 are in line with Irish statutory provisions.


Personal Injury Claims:

The MIBI compensation scheme covers personal injury claims irrespective of whether the offending vehicle is identified or not. Compensation for personal injury may be payable, subject to liability, in all cases where the offending vehicle is uninsured or cannot be identified.

Vehicle/Property Damage Claims:

Vehicle/property claims are covered under the MIBI compensation scheme however the alleged offending vehicle must be identified by means of a valid registration plate. In instances where the alleged offending vehicle cannot be identified MIBI has no liability to pay compensation for vehicle/property damage unless there are significant personal injuries arising from the same accident. In certain circumstances an excess may apply to vehicle/property damage claims e.g. an excess of €220 applies to vehicle claims,  where the offending vehicle was stolen at the time the incident occurred. 

No Claims Discount Protocol

Where the damaged vehicle is comprehensively insured, the MIBI Agreement stipulates that the claim must be dealt with by the insurer of the vehicle. The settlement of such claims is governed by the MIBI No Claims Discount Protocol. This Protocol, agreed by MIBI and its Members, guarantees protection of the claimant's No Claims Bonus.  Click here to download a copy of the MIBI No Claims Discount Protocol.  Where a property is damaged by an uninsured vehicle, and where that property is covered by a policy of insurance, the claimant must make a claim against that insurance policy.  MIBI will refund any policy excess however the claimant's No Claims Discount may be impacted by the household insurer.  

What happens next?

On receipt of a fully completed MIBI Claim Notification Form we will acknowledge receipt and commence our investigations.

Our investigations will include:

  • Establishing the facts
  • Establishing the insurance position of the alleged offending vehicle and/or driver
  • Obtaining a Garda Report
  • If applicable, obtaining a Motor Assessor’s Report on the damage to your vehicle
  • If applicable, obtaining copies of medical records

When all requisite information is received, including insofar as is possible, confirmation that the alleged offending vehicle was uninsured, MIBI will pass the claim to one of our Claims Management Service Providers to continue and complete the investigation. They will accept Injuries Board notification or service of proceedings. In due course, following thorough investigation of the circumstances and liability, the claim will be settled by our Claims Management Service Provider, on our behalf, and compensation paid as appropriate.