About Us

Who we are:

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) is a non-profit-making organisation registered in Ireland. The company was established in 1955 by Agreement between the Government and those companies underwriting motor insurance in Ireland. The first Agreement was signed in 1955 with subsequent Agreements in 1964, 1988, 2004 and 2009.

What we do:

Our principal role is to compensate victims of road traffic accidents caused by uninsured and unidentified vehicles. This is regulated under the terms of an Agreement with the Minister for Transport. This Agreement sets out the rights given to persons who sustain loss and/or injuries in a road traffic accident caused by an uninsured or untraced motorist.

We are also responsible for operating the Green Card System in Ireland. As the Green Card Bureau for Ireland MIBI ensures that persons who sustain loss and/or injuries in a road traffic accident caused by a vehicle registered outside the State are not disadvantaged. MIBI compensates such injured parties under the terms of the regulations signed with comparable organisations in the European Economic Area.

MIBI operates the Motor Insurance Information Centre of Ireland (MIICI). MIICI assists victims who have sustained damage and/or injuries in an accident by providing information on the insurer, and where applicable the Claims Representative, of the alleged offending vehicle.

MIBI was appointed as 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive Compensation Body. This organisation deals exclusively with claims made by EU citizens who have been involved in an accident which has occurred outside their country of residence.

How are we funded?

All insurance companies underwriting motor insurance in Ireland must, by law, be members of MIBI and contribute to funding for claims in proportion to their market share.  Please click here for details of our current Members.